Monday, 2 January 2012

Stuck Between a Rock and a Glitter Place

I wanted to make sure my entrance to the new year was paved in glitter which didn't have me looking far beyond these Alexander Wang glitter drainpipe pants.  They've got the rock star, easy cool attitude you expect from A.Wang and let's face it - I'm attracted to shiny things and anything that'll make me look like I'm about to bust out into a rendition of Billie Jean so it's a win all around!  I'm still very much enjoying the mix of masculine x feminine outfitting so these Christian Louboutin Maggie pumps are as steel cap toe as i'll go! While the steel toe gives them a rough and tumble edge the sky high heel and super shiny (again with the attraction to shiny things...) patent leather aid in femming things up.  Mixing metals and textures was what this outfit was all about - a style sensory salad overload really... I think it delish!

Lucinda x

P.S  I wish you all a year paved in gold, silver and glitter!

Therese Rawsthorne shirt, Alexander Wang pants, Balenciaga bag, Christian Louboutin shoes, YSL ring