Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sweet Home Alexander

OK, I know what you're thinking...this girl must be seriously cray-cray about Alexander McQueen to do anoottthhher post about him.  Ummm no, geez don't be so quick to judge - I'm actually talking about Alexander Wang (but stay tuned because McQueen will more than likely make many more appearances).  Afterall, Dr Phil always said "past behavior is the best predictor for future behavior".. wowza I just got completely off track!  Moving on, I am getting rather giddy at the fact that the cooler weather allows for the appropriate use of boots, leggings and fur!  These Alexander Wang boots, although looking harmless in there chunky-look at me, I'm so stable-heel kinda way are actually completely deceiving.  Trust me, your ankles really know about it after you release them from the vertigo inducing incline they are on after a few hours wear.  In my world however style trumps comfort so who's complaining?

Lucinda x 

P.S How welcoming is my doormat?

Gripp vest, Bassike singlet, Metalicus leggings, Chloe belt, Alexander Wang boots, Acne cuff, Chanel sunglasses

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

McQueen of the World

The new Beyonce video 'Run the world' is a feast for the style-savvy eye!  It features couture pieces from the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy but most exciting are the dresses from Alexander McQueen's postumous FW10 collection.  Beyonce wears look 3 alongside one of her dancer's who wears look 4 complete with the incredible grinling gibbons boots.  Both women look powerful, in control and ready (perhaps the lion helps a little with their overall stamina..).  I'm loving how this video's timing comes off the heels of the MET museum's Alexander McQueen exhibit and royal wedding - Long Live McQueen! 

Lucinda x  

Beyonce 'Run the World' photo still: Columbia Records.

Monday, 16 May 2011


A lesson in geometry - who said fashion and math don't mix? I always find mixing textures very interesting as it creates different dimensions and layers within the one outfit so in this case I opted for mixing shapes and their properties (there goes my inner-nerd rearing it's head again..).  Featured below is an Alexander McQueen crystal print dress from SS09.  I've always loved this dress not only for it's amazing draping but the shattered crystal print lends so much to enhancing the shape and cut of the dress.  To accompany and contrast the triangular nature of the crystal print, the Balmain belt was added.  Yes, it's geometry chic-lings so therefore triangle+circle+rectangle = one stunningly intelligent outfit! Not quite E=mc2  but it's all relative ;)

Lucinda x

P.S Hairstyle is cool too... yeah I know that's what you were thinking.  I was off to a wedding so it's always convenient when your best friend is a hair stylist.  

Alexander McQueen dress, clutch and ring, Balmain belt, Christian Louboutin shoes

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Witchy Woman

See how high she flies…..In that McQueen cape?? So I finally followed my heart all the way to another galaxy and purchased the Christopher Kane hubble print Rah Rah dress! Snaps for the fun!  This dress makes me really feel out of this world so I decided it called for a cape! As I don’t own a cape…. I improvised with an Alexander McQueen zip front dress witch (cackle) worked a treat I believe.   It’s always fun to dress up with a theme in mind (NB: avoid looking like you invaded the household costume box) and I always try to include a quirky item thus the inclusion of my Miu Miu spats.  Confession: I was obsessed (strong word but accurate) with hunting these down so had them sent from the LA store.   So I wonder if this outfit is bewitching enough to make Harry Potter proud?  

Lucinda x

P.S excuse the literal witch references throughout this post but I reallllly couldn’t help myself 

Alexander McQueen dress (worn as cape), Christopher Kane dress, YSL shoes and ring, Miu Miu spats