Thursday, 22 November 2012

Pop Culture Pays Off

Some may call me crazy as I believe Michael Jackson is ever-present whether it be in music, dance or... fashion.  Oh how I love it when my case in point is proven, thanks to none other than Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga! As soon as I saw the FW12 Egyptofunk too cool for school t-shirt collection, I knew I recognised the glitter girl. I had seen her before, time and time again - also enamoured by the glitter stardust that MJ spread across the world... No really, just check out The Jacksons 'Can You Feel It' music video.  That is exactly what's happening, and that is exactly where this image was first spawned.  Genius! Not only was the glitter girl 'borrowed' from this video but the star boy print annnnnddd the wave print from the Egyptofunk range.  I'm yet to read elsewhere online where this inspiration has been acknowledged but I'm totally in love... not to mention it works perfectly with my Prince inspired Haider Ackermann brocade jacket in purple (naturally). POP REMIX PERFECTION!

Lucinda x

A little slice of evidence :)

 Balenciaga Egyptofunk Glitter Girl T-shirt, cutout boots (with silver sparkly Red Robin socks!) and bag, Chloe skirt and Fendi necklace

Haider Ackermann Brocade Jacket with Balenciaga tee

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